Tree Care Professionals in Wellston, Ohio: Identifying, Preventing and Treating Tree Diseases

Powdery mildew and apple scab fungus are two of the most common tree diseases that can be found in Northeast Ohio. Symptoms of powdery mildew include pale yellow or olive green spots on the upper surface of the leaves, while apple scab fungus causes dark spots on the lower surface. Cedar rust is another common tree disease in the area, which leaves pale yellow spots on leaves that turn orange over time. Small black fungal bodies can also form inside the spots and exude an orange liquid.

If you notice a dramatic change in the health of your tree, it is likely due to a tree disease or insect infestation. Early detection is key to treating these issues and restoring your tree's health. Underground irrigation can also help improve tree health in drought-prone areas or during times of extreme heat or dry soil conditions. Working with a local professional tree care company is the best way to ensure your trees are healthy and free from disease.

They specialize in tree health and risk assessments and take a holistic, scientific approach to maintaining a healthy landscape. Understanding the “disease triangle” is essential for preventing and treating common tree diseases. Applying a treatment can make the difference between suppressing or curing the disease that affects the tree and having no effect (or, worse, having a negative impact on the tree's health). Davey provides comprehensive landscaping, land management and tree care services at commercial properties across North America.

With their help, you can identify, prevent and treat any diseases that occur in your trees.

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