Forest Certification Consulting and Auditing Services in Wellston, Ohio

Certificate holders don't have to worry about their certification status during these difficult times.


works closely with the FSC and its certification body to ensure the proper management of its certification. Initial documentation and training are offered as needed and are included in the annual fee. This is also included in the annual fee.

Current FSC regulations require that we cancel your individual certification number so that you can become a member of the group certification. The group's compliance is governed by the full supervision of its members. If one member fails an audit, the entire group is not at risk. American Green Consulting closely manages the members of our group to guarantee that they all meet the requirements of the FSC.

If a member doesn't systematically address the issues we identify, that member is removed from the group. We keep in close contact with our group members and are always available if you have any questions. Whether you have removed logs from a single tractor in the Florida Peninsula or you are carrying out logging operations throughout Appalachia and the Pacific Northwest, we can work with you to ensure that you implement the right combination of mitigation measures and on time. No, it's not currently a requirement.

The training portal is simply an additional method for obtaining training. The United States Forest Service signed a similar agreement that recognized the equivalence of the tree farm management plans and the Forest Stewardship management plans of state agencies. Changes in large landscapes occur slowly; however, changes in managed forests and in habitat improvement and restoration sites can change significantly in a few years. Are you looking for forest certification consulting and auditing services in Wellston, Ohio? American Green Consulting provides comprehensive services to help you meet your certification needs.

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your operations comply with all applicable regulations and standards set by the FSC. We provide initial documentation, training, and annual fee services to help you maintain your certification status. We also offer group certification services for those who need to manage multiple sites or operations at once. Our team will closely monitor each member of your group to guarantee that they all meet FSC requirements.

If any issues arise, we will work with you to address them quickly and efficiently. In addition, we provide training portals for those who need additional assistance in understanding their certification requirements. Our team will work with you to ensure that your management plans are equivalent to those of state agencies and other organizations. At American Green Consulting, we understand how important it is for businesses to maintain their certification status during these difficult times.

Our team is here to help you meet all of your forest certification needs in Wellston, Ohio.

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