When is the Best Time to Have Tree Care Services in Wellston, Ohio?

When it comes to tree care services in Wellston, Ohio, the best time to have them performed is during the active growing season, from spring to fall. During this period, trees are in their inactive phase and conserve energy by stopping their growth, similar to a bear hibernating during winter. The species of trees you have can be an important factor in determining the best time of year to hire a tree service. Pruning trees during winter months will cause less stress and leave them ready to grow again in the spring.

For trees that bloom in late summer months, spring is probably the best time to prune them instead of winter. Removing dangerous trees can help sell a home or improve its curb appeal or landscape before it is put up for sale. If you decide to cut down the tree and shred the stump, removing the tree in winter or early spring will allow the soil where the stump was ground to have time to settle. Tree pruning isn't necessary for all trees, but it can improve their health and longevity by encouraging new growth.

If you think that your trees need to be pruned, and there's a good chance that they will require at least some degree of pruning, then you should act quickly before the spring thaw begins. The cost of maintaining a tree depends on several factors, such as what exactly you want done, the height of the tree, its condition, the location of the tree, and local labor costs. In general, removing smaller trees costs less than larger trees, as do more accessible trees. If you have a tree that has broken branches, is missing leaves in the summer months, or one that is starting to lean or uproot, it is important to call a professional as soon as possible. This will ensure that your family can enjoy a higher level of service.

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