Deep Root Fertilization Services in Wellston, Ohio

Healthy roots are the key to having beautiful trees and shrubs. Deep root fertilization is a mix of essential nutrients that help restore soil health, which is often lacking in residential landscapes. A tree care professional can assess the color and size of the leaves to determine the growth rate before deciding if a tree fertilization service is necessary. Spring fertilization helps supply the tree with nutrients for the summer months, while deep root fertilization treatments are generally done in early fall.

Deep root fertilization is much more than those tree fertilizing picks that you can buy at the hardware store, as they do little or nothing for your trees. Investing in deep-root fertilization is a great way to ensure the health of your trees in Pennsylvania.

A basic granular fertilizer spread around the base of the tree won't have the same lasting effects as a deep root fertilization treatment applied by a certified tree care expert.

By supplying high-quality liquid suspension fertilizer, the product is distributed throughout the tree in a process called translocation. Autumn is also an important time for deep root fertilization, as trees have run out of many nutrients after a hot and stressful summer. If you're looking for deep root fertilization services in Wellston, Ohio, then it's important to find a certified tree care expert who can help you get started with this service and set your trees up for success.

With the right care and attention, your trees will be healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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